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Enchiladas Verdes

Our Story

Our Story

Canyon Road serves authentic Mexican cuisine using quality ingredients. Drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican cooking, Chef Ruperto Ramirez has created dishes that bring a taste of Mexican cuisine and culture to this side of the border. By providing quality service and dishes, Canyon Road strives to be the leading source of authentic Mexican food in the Upper East Side. Canyon Road is a family above all else, and when stepping into this rustic restaurant our guests will feel like family and at home engaging in conversation over fresh guacamole, piping hot nachos, or a round of margaritas.

Canyon Road has been a staple of the Upper East side’s restaurant scene since it opened its doors in 1985 under the name of Albuquerque East. It has always been a family restaurant since its inception, witnessing the beginning of many marriages, parents, and annual traditions, but nothing embodies this more than the restaurants recent transition:

After 31 years of operating Canyon Road, Ark Restaurants decided it was time for someone else to take on the responsibility. In 2016 ownership of the Upper East Side staple was transitioned to Chef Ruperto.

Chef Ruperto Ramirez came to New York City in 1988 from Puebla, Mexico at the age of sixteen and has built a life as a Queens resident ever since. To do so however, Chef Ruperto began his culinary career working part time as a prep cook and strove to learn as much as he could. This did not go unnoticed by Vincent Pascal, COO of Ark Restaurants, who arranged for Chef Ruperto to intern at Chef Robert Del Grande’s Café Annie in Houston. Refining his skills as a cook so that he may lead the Canyon Road kitchen, Chef Ruperto has dedicated himself to the Upper East Side restaurant ever since.

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